Anger -- A Call to Action Deacon Joshua Justice
by cbf
anger angry wrath root reason expectations pride righteous Godly proper wrathful unrighteous sin sinful prideful petulant personal envy rage evil act actions action warning motive motives decide decision hate hateful works flesh Spirit laws lawful authority line of authority jurisdiction responsible responsibility emotion God-given choose choice.


Anger is a natural human emotion, in and of itself not sinful, but if left to grow, to be uncontrolled or uncontrollable, it becomes wrath to rage, both of which usually lead to sinful, even evil acts.  Anger is a warning flag, like the red light on the dashboard of a car. Check your motives, and find out why the anger?  Exactly what is the root of your anger...a Godly hatred of sin? or personal expectations being dashed and pride being pricked?  Once done, you have a decision to make.   Will you heed what you've learned and use it for righteousness? Or, will you feed the pride and move into the sin and hateful works of uncontrolled and empowered flesh.... The choice is yours.  Righteousness? or Unrighteousness? 


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