David Thompson, President of Twin PInes Cooperative Foundation appears on Everything Co-op on February 4, 2016
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Vernon Oakes Everything Co-op David Thompson Twin PInes Cooperative Foundation African Americans and the Civil Rights Movement


artist: Vernon Oakes
title: Vernon interviews David Thompson, President of Twin Pines Cooperative Foundation, and author of Cooperatives and the Civil Rights Movement. 

Summary: David and Vernon discuss the role housing cooperatives played in the Civil Rights Movement, and the impact cooperatives have had  in addressing many hardships faced by African American communities.

During February, Everything Co-op celebrated Black History Month by focusing on the Association for the Study of African American Life & History's Theme; Hollowed Grounds: Sites of African American Memories. For the first week of this celebration, Everything Co-op has joined NCBA in their 100th Anniversary celebration, by focusing on the role Cooperatives played in the Civil Rights Movement, which is their focus for Black History Month. Therefore, it was quite fitting to bring David Thompson to the mic again, for a discussion about his upcoming book, Cooperatives and the Civil Rights Movement.    
                      An excerpt from Cooperatives and the Civil Rights Movement. 
At the epi-center of the cooperative movement in Harlem was a housing cooperative called the Dunbar Apartments. Filling an entire city block, this 511-unit housing cooperative was funded by John D. Rockefeller, Jr. as the first black housing cooperative in the country. When it opened in 1928, on the eve of the Great Depression, the Dunbar was the first home ownership opportunity for blacks in New York City. If the members paid the carrying charges for 22 years, they would own the apartment outright. Those who lived at the Dunbar were a virtual Who's Who of Black America: Countee Cullen, W.E.B. DuBois, Mathew Henson, Langston Hughes, A. Philip Randolph, Paul Robeson, Bill "Bojangles" Robinson, and others. 
David Thompson, has worked for national cooperative organizations of the United States, Britain and Japan as well as the United Nations. He served as Vice President of the National Cooperative Business Association, and Regional Director of the National Cooperative Bank's Western Office. He specializes in funding the capital needs of the cooperative development sector and nonprofit and cooperative housing. He was inducted into the Cooperative Hall of Fame in 2010.


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