1 Kings 14:17-24 Death in Israel, Judah Sins Pastor Clawson 11 October 2015
by cbf
Rehoboam Israel Amon king sin Chronicles Jerusalem reign graven image religious center sanctuary capital Judah holy holiness name hurt harm destruction falling away secure apathy Baal idolatry Palestine sodomites consequences devotees Ashtarte Israel male prostitutes Canaanites abomination sodomy homosexuality divination witch familiar spirits evil Lord God supernatural natural decline


artist: Pastor Charles P. Clawson
title: 1 Kings 14:17-24
album: 1 Kings
year: 2015
genre: Bible Study (id None)
The saga of the decline of kings continues.  Every transition has the hope of the next being better... it is never sure, and often it is a continuation of the old.  Long reigns have the people lulled into thinking what is now is what always was, and therefore change is subtle and slow, unless a bold leader stands strong to make a difference in the direction of the country.  Until things become unbearable, most people will just keep moving forward, go along with whatever the current system is,  and not really pay attention to the directions they are headed as a people, assuming their leaders will just do the right things... So it is in every nation, and so it was in Israel and Judah... they were straying farther and farther from the God of their fathers, rejecting Jehovah's ways, and setting themselves up for destruction...  Copyright 2015  All Rights Reserved


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