Giants! Deacon Joshua Justice
by cbf
victory defeat giants New Year`s New Year resolutions lists 7 Deadly Sins 10 Commandments compare character qualities fear humility sloth gluttony virtue sin sinful struggle win


 Do you make any New Year's resolutions that start strong but soon fall flat?  Ever tried to compare yourself to someone else only to realize you can never be what they are?  Or, read a list of to-do's and ended up just feeling overwhelmed and defeated?  These things are giants in our lives that are usually giants of our own making, giants before whom we fall defeated, giants we try to fight under our own power.  Lists... from the 7 Deadly Sins to the 10 Commandments can be great helps, but if used wrongly become weapons against us.  Deacon Justice explains just how to fight, defeat, and be victorious over these giants, these list monsters, these character attributes we try so hard to be.  They can be a tool for our good, but not under our power; under His!  Listen as Deacon Joshua shows us how to have victory and joy in dealing with these giants.


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