That Still Small Voice Elder Phil Justice 20 July 2014
by cbf
storm fire volcano earthquake still small voice thunder God speaks spoke Moses Elijah Elisha Jezabel whirlwind speak Lord Old Testament Isaiah New Testament communicate Bible Jesus


Elijah heard God, but not in the way he expected... not in the thunder nor the storm nor the fire, but in a still small voice.... and yet when God showed His will to Pharaoh it was in huge national waves of events that directly countered the Egyptian gods and when He spoke with Moses it was through a burning bush.....  God's communications with us meet us where we are and in a manner suited both to His purposes and our need to be put on our knees...   Elder Phil reminds us that God cannot and will not be put in a box by mankind, by history, or by any other artifice... He is God, and He does and will communicate to believer and sinner alike.  Listen carefully, attune yourself to hear, and perhaps you, too, will be graced to be led by His still small voice...


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