Dennis A. Johnson, Partner and President of Cooperative Housing Resources, LLC, appears on Everything Co-op.
29 months ago by Vernon_Oakes
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Vernon and Dennis discuss his illustrious career in cooperatives. They discuss how the need for services or products prompted the establishment of most of the cooperatives that he has been a part of. Dennis also discusses the importance of passing the torch and teaching the next generation how to head up cooperatives. 
Johnson is Partner and President of Cooperative Housing Resources, LLC, a lender and consultant specializing in the development and finance of senior housing cooperatives; Board Chair of the Senior Cooperative Foundation, whose mission is to promote the development and operation of successful senior housing cooperatives; and Executive Vice President of SCH Purchasing Cooperative, operating to help senior housing cooperatives and their members obtain greater purchasing power in the marketplace and otherwise further their common business interests. He is an experienced executive with strong skills in finance, credit, and business development. 

Throughout his career Johnson has been devoted to cooperative organization and finance, including:
• Holding local and national positions with the Farm Credit System, including, President and CEO of the St. Paul Bank for Cooperatives
•Organizer and Chairman of Homestead Housing Center, the developer of 17 rural senior housing cooperatives
•Organizer of the first senior cooperative housing conference and senior cooperative housing network
•Developer and coordinator of the senior cooperative housing education program
•Recipient of Cooperative Leadership Award from Minnesota Association of Cooperatives

Johnson is definitely a cooperative hero. To learn more about Dennis Johnson visit his Heroes page at: 


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