101.5 KFLY Liners from Lemmy of Motorhead. RIP.
Lemmy Motorhead KFLY Standard Ass Rock Show Carl 101.5


Not too long ago, I hosted and programmed 101.5 KFLY, a rock station in Eugene, OR...some of you probably remember it. KFLY was the ONLY station in the city, maybe even the state, hell, maybe the whole northwest that had Motorhead in rotation. Not just Ace of Spades, but Killed By Death, Overkill, White Line Fever, Orgasmatron, Rock Out, Born to Lose and many live cuts. When Aftershock was released I plugged the single, Heartbreaker, into power rotation and it helped Motorhead hit the top of the radio charts for the first time in their history. The promotions company sent a ton of Motorhead gear that we gave away and Lemmy sent thanks by way of station liners...they were easily two of my favorite liners I ever received. Enjoy. RIP KFLY and Lemmy.


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