Can I Get A Witness? Guest Speaker Major Will Cundiff, the Petersburg/Central Virginia Salvation Army 29 November 2015
by cbf
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artist: Guest Speaker Major Will Cundiff, the Petersburg/Central Virginia Salvation Army
title: Can I Get A Witness??
year: 2015
genre: Sermon (id None)
  "You said, and I believed!"  Major Cundiff's cry to the Almighty was one of a despairing but faithful father, leaning fully on the promises of Scripture and on the power and faithfulness of an ever-present and omniscient God.  He hears and He answers... Major Cundiff's testimonial today explains the walk that not only makes the Salvation Army one of the most effective churches in the world at DOING the work of the disciple and apostle, but reaching into areas that are lost, hurting, and handing desperate people hope, faith, and the skills and tools to turn thier lives into a witness for the Lord Jesus Christ.  If every person who calls themselves a Christian, no matter the denomination, would approach his or her faith with the determination to walk the talk and love the lives of those around them as Major Cundiff and his wife Sue do, then this world would be a much safer and better place.  Listen as Major Cundiff provides the example of a discipler and sold out follower of the Lord Jesus Christ... 
  After the sermon, Major Cundiff was gracious enough to give a brief and compelling history and review of the Salvation Army and the work that it has and continues to do to share hope, compassion, practical outreach and the love of life and others through Jesus Christ.


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