Josephus, Book 6-Saul Begins as an Anointed King But Parts Ways with Samuel and Loses the Blessing Deacon/Lay Leader Joshua Justice 15
by cbf
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artist: Joshua Justice
title: Josephus, Book 6-Saul Begins as an Anointed King But Parts Ways with Samuel and Loses the Blessing
album: Josephus
year: 2016
genre: Bible Study (id None)
Book 6 of the Antiquities of the Jews by Josephus opens on the transition of Israel from the time of leadership by God through the prophets to man's strong hand under a king.  Saul is appointed in 1 Samuel, and then takes the reigns after God touches him with the Holy Spirit.  He had a chance to do well, but power corrupts....and this sad fact is shown once more in this story of a king who loses his position when he loses his connection with God's guidance. Within months of taking the kingship, Saul is at war.  His first effort leads to a victory, but Israel is essentially a loose confederation of tribes and towns.  The Philistines are used to raiding the borders and taking whatever they want.  This becomes Saul's next huge challenge, and although they eventually win this battle, he oversteps his bounds as king and causes the blessings of God to be greatly reduced, and even curtailed. These and other missteps as leader cause great pain and problems for his people and his own family.  Finally, the Spirit of God, the anointing, is taken from Saul and David receives the blessing of the hand of Jehovah on his shoulder.  Warned by the history of Saul's kingship, it remains to be seen if David will be the kind of king the people want.   Copyright 2016  All Rights Reserved


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