Easier Forgiveness Elder Phil Justice
by cbf
forgive forgiveness Jesus God holiness Bible judge judgment punishment punish revenge retribution clear conscience love caring understanding understand attribute character free freedom authority responsibility course correction


Forgiveness... a concept that is not a standard tool in most people's  emotional tool belt...What?  Overlook  and move on when slighted? injured? damaged? or violated?  Forgive, really?  Yes. It is a command from God himself, and Jesus taught us that it is not only commanded but expected... especially if you plan on getting into heaven... you'll be forgiven as much as you forgive...  So, if it is commanded, expected, and will be used to judge us then there must be a way to do it.  Elder Phil speaks to that simple set of steps it takes to learn to operate in forgiveness.  "Easier Forgiveness" by Phil Justice.


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