Isaiah 41:4 The Father Timeless Pastor Chuck Clawson
by cbf
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Have you ever really looked around?  Have you ever really examined the patterns and colors and changes in our surroundings, our environments?  How could this have ever  "just happened"? Ever wondered about the power it must have taken to create everything around us?  Science struggles with and often denies outright the possibility of a Supreme Being.  This is not new ~ even the Apostle Peter faced deniers...  just read 2 Peter 3:1-7.  Don't be willingly ignorant.  God rewards those who truly seek to know truth, who are able to suspend their own fears or tendency to deny even the possibility of a Creator.  Listen as Pastor Chuck opens and explains the foundations of belief and shares the evidence available to any and all who are willing to take the challenge to be fully open and non-biased in seeking eternal truth and the fountain of power that begins and ends with love.  


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