Judgment, Phase 7-the first 4 trumpets Pastor Billy Robertson 9 September 2018
by cbf
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The judgments of God are affected both here on earth and in the very real spiritual world. These judgments can result in rewards, corrections, or even just punishments. The book of The Revelation of Jesus Christ documents cataclysmic upheavals as God’ wrath becomes a fearful reality and time begins to wind down.  As we live through this life, we have always opportunities to learn of and follow the Creator of this universe.  He has given us a free will to make the decision to choose fellowship with Him, or to design our own gods and reject His love and mercy.  God’s grace and love for His creation is evident from the beginning of Creation, but we must always remember that He is the King of all Creation—this is His world and His holiness cannot abide willful sin and the rejection of His grace and mercy. In this sermon, Pastor Billy begins to look at the Seven Trumpets of Revelation starting with the first four.  These judgments are specifically applied to God’s creation, with mankind dealing with the major changes these judgments bring about.  The first trumpet is sounded against the land; the second is against the seas; the third speaks to the rivers and the deep sources of fresh water, and the fourth trumpet sounds against the very created heavens themselves.  The consequences of the destruction these judgments bring heralds mayhem and death as the Father shakes the very foundations of His creation.  All of this is to give a last strong call to sinful man to get off of His throne and commit to live under the blood covering of the Lord Jesus Christ.  Many turn, but many do not, and that will finally lead to the last three trumpets, and the woes that will be much worse than the first four.   The last three judgments come to bear on sinful mankind, itself.  Yes, the worst is yet to come…    Access Pastor Billy\\\'s notes at https://docs.google.com/document/d/1lZyIVShFXJ_5aS7pVRPKVz9s95o0ReUnGlkztJZJOyc/edit?usp=sharing                                                       \\r\\nEnjoy his video at https://youtu.be/v3UGrW6TdOc  Copyright 2018   All Rights Reserved\\r\\n


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