Josephus, Books 1- first part of 3 Review Deacon/Lay Leader Joshua Justice 13 January 2016
by cbf
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artist: Joshua Justice
title: Josephus, Books 1- first part of 3 Review
album: Josephus and a Look at the First Century and the Growing Christian Church
year: 2016
genre: Bible Study (id None)
One of the problems we have today when witnessing to people about the truth of God is their rejection of the Bible.  They consider it a collection of faith tales, not historic fact.  Even when many "tales" are backed by archaeology or history, there is still a reticence to treat the Bible as God's Word, faithful to human experience and foundational to moral, civic, and religious behaviors.  This is not a new problem.  Although many believed in the Jewish written word as written in Josephus' day, many did not, and they, too, saw some of their written materials as partly history and partly moral tales...  As Deacon Joshua takes us through this review of Books 1 - 3 of The Antiquities of the Jews, dare to compare some of their attitudes and behaviors to those of today.  No matter the subject, human nature is human nature, and does not waver much and history repeats itself over and over... and from the beginning of time continues to prove we are absolutely in need of a sinless savior.  


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