Genesis 8:1-5 Testing the Waters Pastor Clawson 14 December 2014
by cbf
test testing Genesis Noah Ark flood water waters army Army of the Lord Lord God Old Testament soldier training basic Christian redeemed


 Whenever someone thinks of military service, often the first thought that comes to mind is the dreaded 'basic'.  Basic training takes a new, undisciplined, soft individual and turns that person into a skilled, more hardened, more aware, and stronger, soldier.  Making the decision to join the military gives one a kind of high ~ its an accomplishment to work hard and make rank.  However, along the way are hours of testing and training and boredom and even terror.  In Genesis 8 Noah and his family now face those long hours. The animals need attending, the waters are all around, and the Lord gave no end date as to when they could leave the Ark.  It is a sort of basic training for what will be the job of starting a clean and new world all over again... As Christians we go through our individual basic training exercises as well, all designed by our tough and loving "Sarge" to bring us into the full skills and strength as a member of His army, the Army of the Redeemed... and that means we, too, must survive and overcome while "testing the waters."


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