Transitions Pastor Charles P. Clawson 27 December 2015
by cbf
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artist: Pastor Charles P. Clawson
title: Transitions
year: 2015
genre: Sermon (id None)
Ah, transitions!  From childhood to adulthood, from learner to teacher, from independent to aged... we all face numerous changes and chapters during our time on this earth. It is an important truth that whenever we can, we choose to study and learn from  those changes.  Often what happens in the natural the Lord allows or even designs to teach us what will happen in the spiritual and is based on our understanding and responses to the situations before us.  Hopefully each transition moves us from one step to the next as fulfillment of dreams and deepening of Godly character, but not always.  The opinions of others often sway our thinking, and set a pattern for each change. Knowing God's opinions of us are essential to dealing with a lifetime of transitions. We tend to not think of danger and disappointments, sudden changes and unexpected hardships, as being blessings in our lives, but God is bigger than our expectations, our dreams, and our understanding.... Listen as Pastor Clawson, in this, his last official sermon in the Covenant Bible Fellowship pulpit, shares how to view, respond to, and successfully navigate the sudden changes and the long shifts which come throughout our lives and are our "transitions".  


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