Threads of History: Tithes and Offerings Deacon/LayLeader Joshua Justice 17 December 2014
by cbf
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The Scripture is full of suggestions and shadows and clues and threads...a tapestry of colors and times and nations and people... all pointing to one unified story of the nature of God and of His love and mercy towards His creation and the people that follow Him.  In this,  the third of the series, Deacon Josh explores the history, role, laws regarding, and impact of, tithes and offerings.  He  challenges our responsibility to be willing to give, share, and do without the onus of force, and yet points out the commands and expectations of the Lord that we support those who work for Him.  Commands, expectations, support, voluntary and demanded by law, and each is a thread of history throughout both the Old and New Testament and each for which every believer is responsible to both understand and do.   Study notes can be found at


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