GOD’S EXTRAORDINARY LOVE! Pastor Billy Robertson 4 August 2019
by cbf
love adoration follow revere hope idolize respect obey reject die sacrifice carry pay price mercy grace Father Jesus the Christ


He loved us before we even knew Who He was... He loved us when we were sinners and blind to our own sin.  He loved us when we became aware of Him but ran the other way…      He loved us even when we resisted, fought back, or blamed Him for the consequences of our own choices!  How deep is the Father\'s love for us!  He created us for His glory, not our own.  Our chief purpose is to learn of Him, realize His great heart for His creation, honor and glorify Him, love Him completely with all our heart, mind, and soul, and to realize we cannot spend eternity with Him without acknowledging our own lack of perfection and our \"unholiness.\"  He is a holy God Who by His very nature destroys sin in His presence, yet desires to have us in His presence and with Him.  That can only be done through the pathway He provided through Jesus Christ ~ and that sacrifice is the eternal example, our gate, our hope, and the sharing of His extraordinary love! Follow along with the Sermon notes https://docs.google.com/document/d/14zojzR1TdupMZ-tWfkGPCPWc1pKMUU6s7yZJ-8fGla8/edit?usp=sharing  Watch the sermon at https://youtu.be/IbYi9Pj3e5o     For further study of Romans and especially chapter 5,  go to our A Study in Romans page at https://www.covenantbiblefellowship.com/a-study-in-romans   Copyright 2019    All Rights Reserved 


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