Victory! (Resurrection Sunday) Pastor Joshua Justice 1 April 2018
by cbf
King of Kings Lord of Lords salvation resurrection empty tomb joy war weapons warfare strategy goals Sun Tzu knowledge enemy adversary the devil Easter grave God Jesus Paschal lamb sacrifice blood sinless sins coming King sinless blood betrayal eternity battle win enemy of our souls spiritual warfare armour of God righteous righteousness of God light flesh world unholy trinity different separate peculiar purchased not common judge Judge of All the Earth death defeated


artist: Pastor Joshua Justice
title: Victory!    (Resurrection Sunday)
album: Pastor Joshua Justice
year: 2018
genre: Sermon (id None)
Resurrection Sunday! He is risen! He is risen indeed!!  This fact alone should bring great and irrepressible joy to every believer.  Because He is alive, we have the final victory over all this world and our adversary the devil can throw at us.  However, to enjoy victory while we inhabit this earth, we must understand that we are at war.  Its a war in the ethers, but a war nonetheless.  So how different are we from those who do not know the Christ, and just what is our strategy to go into battle and accomplish the goals Jesus Christ has set for us?  To find out, listen as Pastor Josh shares with us the great joy, the great freedom, and the great mystery of our victory in Jesus, the Christ and the King of all creation!      Access Pastor Joshua's notes at     Enjoy his video at   Copyright 2018   All Rights Reserved


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