Abilities Pastor Billy Robertson 12 June 2016
by cbf
excellent excellence good best delude steadfast abound work pursue task enemy discernment Lord Jesus glory God important society menial significant efforts honor reward bad superior enable enablement design love knowledge workmanship ordain believe believer Christian Paul apostle ols man flesh overrule fight Peter daily die to self heart speak mouth tongue James behavior inner life heard say outward appearance inward truth Old Testament New Testament mechanics tradition evil laziness responsible irresponsible ministry balance boundaries bless harm hard work diligence fulfill mystery saints riches hope wisdom angels church


artist: Pastor Billy Robertson
title: Abilities
album: Pastor Billy Robertson
year: 2016
genre: Sermon (id None)
The quest for excellence ~ it occupies the time and mind of those who have a strong work ethic, a purpose in life, a reason for getting ahead and being on the cutting edge of a career, a relationship, or life in general. It is Scriptural!  We are to do all we can to pursue and attain excellence, but there it one catch.  Our excellent work ethic, knowledge, and cutting edge skills are not so we can be the most important, the one indispensible, or the most powerful person in the arena.  For the believer, our quest for excellence is a way of returning to Him who saved us from ourselves and an eternal horrific end a thankfulness and a gift of polishing and attuning the abilities and skills He has given to us.  We must be always mindful of the potential for a creeping in of pride in our work, and pride is the great corrupter of all things good.  By staying close to the Savior, heeding His Word, walking in His ordained pathways, we find a freedom to be truly excellent in all we say and do.  Remember that the Word warns us that good is the enemy of best.  Learning discernment so as to not be trapped in the good by the enemy of our souls, the world systems, or the flesh, is one of the key ways of living a life of excellence.  Abilities?  They are the gifts God has given to us...excellence is the gift we return to Him.   Access Pastor Billy's sermon notes at  https://docs.google.com/document/d/1pnqhuGdi3QZUEuufL1Uo9PtrsSVaPlnfkRBPYx_IwQc/edit?usp=sharing  Copyright 2016  All Rights Reserved


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