Thanksgiving and Praise! (Living David's List) Pastor Billy Robertson 27 November 2017
by cbf
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artist: Pastor Billy Robertson
title: Thanksgiving and Praise!
album: Pastor Billy Robertson
year: 2017
genre: Sermon (id None)
Life is sometimes rough, especially for the believer that has been taught just come to Jesus and all will be well.  Often a believer may ask "Why?? Why the difficulties? Or, when the evil are prospering? How, Lord, can I give thanks when everything seems to be falling apart?  When the selfish, the liar, the user seems to be winning, and hate and meanness seem to be so strong? "  The truth is, being a sold-out-to-the-Savior Christian does not guarantee a no-bumps, no-hurts, no-harms life.  In fact, if you are truly living the walk in this world, it is pretty much a given that the believer will have problems if not downright persecution.  So, how do you hang on to your faith, but operate in hope, joy, and gratefulness? The key is to realize that when you begin to praise God, you begin to lose sight of your problems…  The Bible says it clearly - It is a GOOD thing to give thanks unto the Lord!  Listen as Pastor Billy takes us beyond what we can see and lifts our eyes to be above our daily divides and causes us to look from God's perspective.  Once we leave ourselves and small understandings behind, it becomes obvious to those who will look beyond the moment.  It is because we see the big picture, and realize that He is the Provider, the Creator, the All in All, and deserves every bit of praise and thanks we can offer!  We lift our heartfelt voices because of Who He Is and what He has done.  Best of all, He is the victor and we are His beneficiaries!            Access the sermon notes at       and watch the video of Pastor Billy delivering this sermon at           All Rights Reserved   Copyright 2017


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