CHOICES ~ Lessons from Genesis 13 Pastor Billy Robertson 7 July 2019
by cbf
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In this sermon, we learn about choices and the consequences that may come as Pastor Billy looks at the lives of Abraham and Lot in his sermon on \"Choices\".By the time the uncle and nephew had arrived in Canaan, they had been together for a while and had amassed large herds of sheep and cattle, had many servants, and by now had collected a great deal of actual financial wealth.  The land had become crowded with their possessions, and their herders had often fallen into arguments over land, water, and living space...the decisions that followed made all the difference in their lives, their family fortunes, and their wealth. These decisions had consequences that last for generations to come.  Unless we are wise and just in our decision making, we may find ourselves with the consequences we never considered.  The picture of Abram and Lot, the family division, and the nature of the eternal consequences for so many over the years, should become a warning for every believer and everyone who faces both major and seemingly minor choices.  We should always consider choices that encourage Godliness, based on the clear character of the Father as Jesus presents Him to us, and the wisdom found in the Bible itself.  Choosing wisdom, justice, and mercy as God defines them will always lead to hope and an eternal prosperity.  Replacing His leadership with our own human wisdom and decisions will lead to destruction as clearly and surely as Lot found.  You can choose your choices, but you cannot choose the consequences… You can only live, or die, with them.  Follow along with the message notes at Watch the sermon at     For further study of Genesis, and especially chapter 13,  go to our A Study in Genesis page at    Please like and join our Facebook page at   To find all sorts of resources, visit our website at     Please like and share this video and subscribe to our channel.      Learn with us and join Covenant Bible Fellowship in our studies of the Holy Bible!    At Covenant, we firmly believe that questions deserve answers and that you have a right to know the Truth ~  John 8:32 \"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall MAKE you free.\" 	  Copyright 2019    All Rights Reserved  


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