1 Kings 12:1-5 Rehoboam Rules Pastor Clawson 25 January 2015
by cbf
jealous jealousy pride destruction wrath Jehovah Solomon Rehoboam Jeroboam civil war separate separation death God Lord Kings Israel Judah the ten tribes results consequences wealth tax taxes taxation conion


Pride, shortsightedness, and the foolishness of self-deception became the tripping rope that ensured the dissolution of Israel.  Rehoboam had the opportunity to bring new leadership and life to Israel.  After 40 years of rule, much of which became heavier and heavier via taxation and conscription, the people hoped to confirm Solomon's son and see the wisdom of his father's early days come forth through his son.  It was not to be.  Rehoboam was not his father, and the weight of his foolishness started the downhill slide of Israel and planted the seeds of wrath and destruction... Are our rulers today any different?  


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