The Way Deacon/Lay Leader Joshua Justice 12 February 2017 Life More Abundantly
by cbf
Ezekiel Prov 4:19 live follow the way Jesus Christ Christian Bible obey transform be dark wicked light truth true godly right righteous stumble fall darkness candle law violate death life realize sin sinful nature doom 1 Peter chosen holy praise walk Romans children choose rebel rebellion idol idolatry create creation power godhead excuse glory thank thankful fool foolish heart wise wisdom corrupt image perfect day shine Lord God Psalm 119 Word Jacob ladder freedom path 1 Samuel rain rainbow Genesis miracle love savior repent


artist: Joshua Justice
title: The Way
album: Joshua Justice
year: 2017
genre: Sermon (id None)
Once we are committed to following the Lord and His way, we become sometimes confused of how to do that.  We tend to echo the Prophet Ezekiel when he asks, "How then should we live?"  There is a single path of righteousness and light, but the flesh, the world and the enemy often sends messages of confusion and lying choices.  It is "the world in reverse". We don't realize we are dead already, and we automatically accept the lies as normal. It is really all we know before Christ shows us how we might live His life versus blindly accepting the lies of the enemy.  Jesus said He came to tell us truth and to show us how we tend to see things backwardly and through confusion.  He provides for us light and truth and gives us a heart to live in abundance by understanding His Word.  Listen as Deacon Joshua shows us exactly "how we should then live."    Access Deacon Joshua's notes at        Copyright 2017    All Rights Reserved   


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