Pursuing Spiritual Maturity Pastor Billy Robertson Purposeful Personal Growth 22 January 2017
by cbf
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artist: Pastor Billy Robertson
title: Pursuing Spiritual Maturity
album: Pastor Billy Robertson
year: 2017
genre: Sermon (id None)
Pastor Billy's sermon, "Pursuing Spiritual Maturity", lays out clearly the steps of wisdom and righteousness each believer needs to consider and take should they actually want to be more Christ-like, To be better tomorrow than we are today should be the heart cry of every believer.  We can be IF we rely on the Lord and do follow His precepts and His ways, which include a constant communication and growing relationship with Him, His Word, and His character.  It is hard work, much like the athlete that works daily to be stronger, faster, better and ready for the next race, the next high jump, the next competition.  Living in this world is like a race.  We must run the race and run it well by His rules.  Then we can be assured of crossing that line and getting the crown of blessing and the Master's approval. 
Access Pastor Billy's study notes at https://docs.google.com/document/d/1zyvpa1H3xHHHoqKG1gNN2KXfs--gwr_lyFCUhfWojmE/edit?usp=sharing
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