Easter! 2015 Program and Deacon/Lay Leader Joshua`s Easter sermon 5 April 2015
by cbf
Jesus Easter cross empty cross regeneration salvation pain joy life eternal life eternal Creator Messiah blessing death resurrection price pay debt debtor sinner sin Bible Father blood penance holy holiness eternal death action verb choice choices substitute Lamb obligation Good News Coming King


This Easter, the program and sermon were folded into one event with the order of service rearranged...  Deacon Josh reminded us that Easter should be the most joyous time of the year, and that joy is an action, a verb ~ it is a choice we make based on the empty cross and the returning King.  The service ended with communion and song, to remind us all that the shed blood of the Lamb paid our debt to our Creator, and the empty Cross brings us to Him in communion, and finally we have an obligation to tell others that there is a way to "joy" life, and it starts with bending the knee to Jesus Christ Who Is the Coming King.


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