Genesis 6:17-22 Deliverance Promised Pastor Clawson 26 October 2014
by cbf
love genuine false despair anticipation


The ark is being built, Noah and his family are trusting the Lord, the flood waters are going to cover the entire world, and only those who believe the plan of deliverance will actually escape the devastation to come... A tale from India speaks of a mouse that magically goes from being a cowering mouse to a cat to a dog but remains afraid.  Eventually, his fear directs his final incarnation.... God promises deliverance from our situations, and has proven His willingness and consistency from the garden on, and always works in partnership with men, but not everyone trusts or changes with the knowledge of His promises and the changes He brings to their lives.  It is up to each one of us to be free of fear and greed, to strive to grow with the Lord, or hang on to that mouse's heart...


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