Contending for the Faith Pastor Billy Robertson
by cbf
faith fight stand hold contend believe belief God Jesus battle Bible truth truthsayer tell warn intimidate un-intimidated stand firm live and let live life live lives undaunted sin challenge target draw a line in the sand confront confronted afraid unafraid share convince


Standing firm for what you believe sometimes mean more than just standing; drawing a line can cause you to be a target for those who are unwilling or unable to "live and let live".  As Pastor Billy has said, "At the beginning of the 21st Century, we are in the cultural and theological fight for our lives"...There are those today who want to not be confronted by truth, but would rather wipe it out than accept the challenge of rethinking their lives' bases... but we have been called to be unafraid, un-intimidated, and undaunted in the face of those who fight what we share.  We are not to be belligerent, but we are also supposed to gird up and fight for what right.  Contending for the faith... standing firm, and taking on the naysayers with honesty, truth, and unwavering clarity. 


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