Churchianity (Also Known As… the Church of Vanity) a discussion on the Third Commandment Deacon/Lay Leader Joshua Justice 17 April 2016
by cbf
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artist: Joshua Justice
title: Churchianity (Also Known As? the Church of Vanity) a discussion on the Third Commandment
album: Commands, Not Suggestions
year: 2016
genre: Sermon (id None)
track: 3
Blameless.  What a great description!  How would you like to go through all of life with no blame laid at your feet, no attack on your reputation...  That is the life of a true Christian.  We are held blameless before the Judge of the Universe, but it does not mean that everyone who calls themselves a Christian is perfect or actually is blameless before the Judge.  When we call ourselves Christian, we are identifying with Him in front of the world, and we'd best be careful what we do with His name.  It is imperative that we carry His name with dignity and in  truth.  Too many people play a churchianity game... doing right things when people can see, but at home... well, the cursing, the porn, the things done in darkness....  All of us have the opportunity to be His ambassadors, but that is both in and out of the spotlight.  Those who stay true, God finds faithful; those who just use the powerful name of Jesus, are guilty of using His name in vain, and that is not a good choice. Remember that everyone of us, saint and sinner alike, will stand before the Great White Throne of Judgment, and He has a decision to make based on the mercy provided and the choices we made to either come to Him completely and recognize Him as sovereign, or to play the game, use His name, and go our own way irrespective of His leadership in our lives.  The Third Commandment ~ "Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain; for the Lord will not hold him guiltless that taketh his name in vain."  Or, as the Amplified Bible clarifies, "“You shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain [that is, irreverently, in false affirmations or in ways that impugn the character of God]; for the Lord will not hold guiltless nor leave unpunished the one who [b]takes His name in vain [disregarding its reverence and its power]."


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