Alpha Omega Studies 1 Kings 8:31-40 The 1st Part of the 7 Special Petitions in Solomon`s Prayer at the Temple Dedication Pastor
by cbf
Solomon King Solomon Temple Temple Dedication holy holiness God Jehovah Creator covenant covenant-keeper right wrong righteous righteousness Israel people Leviticus harm truth Old Testament 1 Kings petition prayer petitions prayers hope help Christians Christian standing place responsibility connection connexion promise promises promise keeper lie liar give your word false swearer say one thing and do another blind guides debt debtor sanctification sanctify swear fool fools foolishness oath oathkeeper


At the Temple Dedication, King Solomon was careful to let all the people know his heart and hopes for his people and their relationship with the God of the Universe.  In this discussion, the first four of seven petitions offered by the king are outlined and connected to our standing as Christians before a loving God as well as looking at the hopes and dreams Solomon had for Israel.  This lesson connects his petitions with his people,  a covenant-bound people turning fully to a covenant-keeping God. 


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