Silence, or Let Your Yea Be Yea Pastor Joshua Justice 5 May 2019
by cbf
Silence frustration struggle communication talk accuse passive-aggressive temptation vindictive meanness godly anger get-back accusatory harm harmful talk problem conflict healthy respond react interpersonal relationships retaliate filth vain words direct respect speak up right timing love honest agape gentleness speak peaceably true just pure lovely good report virtue praise Proverbs wise self-control corrupt edify grace


Will Rogers, the 20th century  American humorist  and social commentator once said, “Never miss a good chance to shut up.”  Silence in the face of frustration and anger or the temptation to ‘return evil for evil’, to let pride and less than kind words to escape our lips is a struggle even believers face.   Most of us do not want to vent, to “let filthy communications”, downright meanness, or even ungodly words escape our lips, but sometimes the temptation is so strong!  Is there a better way, perhaps?    One of mankind’s answer to that question is a communication style called “passive-aggressive” communications.  It is an easier way of talking to another and releasing some of the frustration on another without raising a voice or being directly accusatory.  And, it is a common way of talking among most of us.   \r\nPastor Joshua addresses the problem of dealing with communications that can be hurtful, harmful, or even evasive as we let our feelings and reactions overtake our self-control or block our ears from hearing our Lord’s directions and guidance in these sometimes painful situations. He shows us in the Scriptures just how the Lord would view our flesh responses, including the “passive-aggressive” style, and then he gives us tools for the healthy and right way to express our various levels of discomfort, frustration, and upsets.  It takes work, but it is also the way that leads to peace.   Watch the sermon at        You can read his notes at  Copyright 2019  All Rights Reserved


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