Unto Him That Is Able Pastor Joshua Justice 17 February 2019
by cbf
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The question is often asked by the world “If God could prevent pain and suffering, why wouldn’t He?” Do you believe that God is all powerful? If so, how can you answer the question raised by the world? Of course, a skeptical world, a hurting people often have a deeper, sometimes hidden reasoning in the questions they ask, even if they won\'t admit it. The underlying question of the world is often “Who does God think He is?” There is an answer, and there is comfort and a dawning of light in the darkness when the hearer finally understands. Listen as Pastor Joshua explains the answer that many are eager to hear,and to gain the comfort to enjoy this fallen world, need to understand... \r\n\r\nFollow along with Pastor Josh\'s message notes at https://docs.google.com/document/d/1K7riYOhaC9N_eT2-BBw6cAF6TWJYAhrBZZjgchC_dKU/edit?usp=sharing\r\n\r\n  Listen to Pastor Josh’s sermon at  http://chirb.it/sJzk2G \r\n


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