1 Kings 13:1-10 The Man of God Pastor Clawson 14 June 2015
by cbf
Jeroboam Israel Judah Josiah kingdom split power strength faith fear warfare groves purge righteous unrighteous fortifications Jerusalem House of David prophecy divine divine intervention children of Israel sin temple altar king sacrifice Levites Levitical priesthood throne fight rebel rebellion idols Baalim golden calf calves overthrow Man of God sign signs


Jeroboam now proceeds to establish his own priesthood and religious events.  A huge event to start up this new religion brought an unwanted participant~ God had sent a prophet to denounce both Jeroboam and this new religion.   He spoke to the altar, letting the entire congregation know that this interruption was of God and that He is not pleased with Jeroboam's structures built by men for men while attempting to dismiss and replace the ways of God... The king vowed vengence on the man of God and immediately his hand and arm withered; the man of God spoke to the altar and the altar was destroyed with the ashes spilling out... Jeroboam was humbled and afraid before his entire country and asked the man of God to pray to the Lord and restore him... he responded in affliction, but did he stay humbled? Therein lies the lesson for us all...  


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