Adequacy Pastor Billy Robertson
by cbf
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Are you up to the job?  Confident? Adequate to accomplish the task?  Has any boss or co-worker (maybe spouse? child?) ever challenge you on whether or not you can really get the job done?  If you are like most people your external response is "Of course, I can do this!"  You are either defensive and huffy or securely confident about it, but rarely do we show others that we might not be as sure as we project.  Feeling inadequate is a common response, and being inadequate is often the reality, even if we are so sure of ourselves, we won't plan for it...  Pastor Billy charges us to face tasks, especially those given to the believer by God, with reality... most of the time, we really are not able to get a job done perfectly and under our own steam.  It takes our reliance on Him and the understanding of the wisdom and guidance He gives through Scripture and through choosing to see our situations from His perspective.  Adequacy... the successful completion of work done by knowing what is your part, and what is His.


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