Genesis 3:8-15 The Confrontation, Evasions, Confessions, & Consequences Pastor Clawson
by cbf
Adam Eve the serpent Satan consequences compromise death sin the Garden Genesis Genesis 3:18-15 Lord God deceive fruit eternal eternity conflict snake evade evasion confess confession repent repentance consequence


 The Garden was in danger of compromise~ Satan had beguiled, deceived, tricked, and seduced Mrs. Adam to taste of the fruit God had made clear to Adam not eat.   He ate, sin entered, they hid, and then they had to admit what they had done.   God already knew, but in His mercy and grace He did not just walk up on them, but gave them a chance to come clean and repent.  In loving them but needing to restrict their freedoms for their own good, they were cast from the garden with instructions and His continuing availability and with warnings about Satan and his wiles.   As for Satan, himself,  God pronounced heavy eternal judgment, from which there is no return, no repentance, and no hope.    The same consequences may stand for us.... parental punishment (living with consequences, but learning  to appreciate the need for the rules once broken), or eternal damnation... one to pull us back to the right way, and one to sever us forever from God.  Your choice...


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