Spiritual Discernment Pastor Billy Robertson 7 February 2016
by cbf
read commit memorize the Word Bible God Scripture apply character of God Lord Jesus Christ spiritual understanding spiritual knowledge teach learn understand good evil spirit Holy Spirit love truth doctine rational deceive deception Satan John lust sin false lie lies liar anti-Christ


There is a chorus that sings "To be like Jesus, to be like Jesus, oh how I long to be like Him!"   We might say that, we might sing that, we might actually want that, but how many of us are willing to do what is necessary to put on the mind of Christ and to exercise our connection with the Lord and thereby grow in grace and truth, and spiritual discernment, knowing right from wrong, what does and does not please the Lord? The New Testament clarifies just how to develop discernment, and John gives three guidelines we can use to watch out for the false and almost-true deceptions.  We must know the absolute, unadulterated truth so as not to be taken in by teachings that sound good but are not fully based on the whole Word of God and character of Christ.   Pastor Billy challenges us to do more than just listen, just warm a pew, or to just work on marking off a Christian checklist.  He challenges us to learn God's character and then exercise and use that spiritual muscle we call 'discernment'.  Only then can we truly "be like Jesus". 


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