Spiritual Growth Pastor Billy Robertson 4 May 2014
by cbf
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"Forgetting those things which are behind...I press on..."   St. Paul strongly encouraged those with whom he worked to set a forward-looking goal of being more and more Christlike. Problems become opportunities ~ opportunities to see God's strong hand, to set aside our pride, to spend quality time with the Father, and to send a message to the world that you have truly committed all you are and all you are going to be to the Lord of all creation.  Run the race, Paul tells us, to obtain that incorruptible crown of heaven as home and Christ as brother and King.   If we want "truth" growth, we accept what comes with the anticipation that everything that is sent our direction is useful to cause us to be more and more like Him... that is the purpose of maturity in the Lord, to continually look and be more and more like our adopted family.  The more we behave like Christ, the more we become like Christ.  Problems?  Whoo Hoo! Another opportunity to overcome!!  


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