The Question of Obedience Deacon/Lay Leader Joshua Justice On this Day the Declaration of Independence was Signed in 1776 2 July 2017
by cbf
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title: The Question of Obedience  (On this Day the Declaration of Independence was Signed in 1776)
album: Joshua Justice
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As we prepare to celebrate the American War of Independence, I think we should tackle the difficult question; “if rebellion is wrong, was the American Revolution ok? Why or why not? Why should we, as Christians, care?” Romans 13 addresses this very situation.  Politics, like so many other areas of life, impacts our ability to DO. (Jas 1:22)  If you are a doer of the word, anything that can infringe on your ability to do impacts you. Thus, politics are important and inextricably linked to religion. Listen as Deacon Joshua clarifies the role of governments, kings, authorities, and rebellion vs true obedience, especially to a higher authority.  Our response to any tough situation is "A Question of Obedience."    Access the sermon notes at   Copyright 2017  All Rights Reserved


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