Genesis 9:8-17 Terms and Tokens Pastor Charles P. Clawson 22 February 2015
by cbf
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Tokens, signs, marks, contracts, covenants, terms and alliances~  Genesis 9 covers the new alliance, the updated covenant God now makes with Noah and his family.  It is an update and "tweaking" of the Edenic/Adamic covenant made all those years earlier, and reflects an unfolding change in  the actual terms of the agreement.  Only the covenant maker can change anything in a covenant, and the Lord Almighty now saw fit to address the change in Noah's, and in fact all of mankind's, situation after the flood.  A new earth,  a new beginning for all of humanity until the end of time, a new clemency, and a few new understandings of which every person on earth needs to be made aware...the covenant stands whether we accept or reject the provisions laid down by the Covenant Giver, The Lord God Almighty.
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