The Grace and Peace of God Pastor Billy Robertson 27 September 2015
by cbf
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Peace, grace and God... if you want any peace at all, it all depends on whether you are covered by the unlimited grace of a holy God, the God Who made you, the God Who loves you, and the God Who offers a way out of the torments of guilt and fears that come just because we are finite and human.  God is neither finite nor human, and is not bound by our envys, fears, or our human nature, and yet He loves us, with all our failings and weaknesses. His holiness demands perfection, but that we cannot attain ~ not  through hopes, dreams, wishes or... works.  Many people live trying to earn enough good points to make it in the gates, but the Lord does not count our works for perfection or righteousness.  Therein is our problem... Jeremiah says man tends to leave God and His continual flow of grace, and make for ourselves "cisterns, broken cisterns that hold no water"... the cisterns of good works and man's plans...   So, if good works won't earn the ticket into heaven,  what does?  Perfection.  Holiness.  And we cannot do that... but He can.  His Grace is the only thing that can open the gates to eternity with Him the only fountain that can fill us with the power we need to properly live with strength and peace.  It is His Grace alone that can stop the voices, calm the spirit, and bring us home. It is His Grace, His love, and His fellowship with us, His creations, that will bring His Peace into our lives. Any upset, any problem, any situation, can be dealt with when we are covered in His Grace, and walking in His love, mercy, covering and Peace.  


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