Availability Lesson 3 Rejecting Ambitions That Hinder Us From Being Where We Need To Be Vanessa Justice
by cbf
truth commitment available availability Mephibosheth David Saul Samuel Old Testament turkey North America ambition ambitious traitor assassination around the watercooler gossip destruction destroy undercut Bible reject rejection selfish shelfishness opportunity honor dreams prestige power money fame position family greed loyalty protect protection


It often comes along as a really good move, but if our personal ambitions stop us from fulfilling a commitment to someone or something else, are we being honest and true to those people, organizations, plans or to ourselves? This lesson looks at rejecting ambitions than hinder us from being where we are needed.... it is about choosing the easy or selfish rather than commitment and honor... where do you fall on that question... will you be drawn away from your responsibilities because you can satisfy yourself with more fame? money? power? position? ease? or are you willing to be a man or woman of honor and keep your word?


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