Foundations of the Faith Deacon/Lay Leader Joshua Justice 4 June 2017 Pentecost
by cbf
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title: Foundations of the Faith
album: Joshua Justice
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This Pentecost Sunday, as we remember the events surrounding the group of believers whose explosive faith changed the world so many years ago with tongues of fire, we should be reminded that the basis of our faith is the inerrancy of the scriptures.  After all, Rom 10:17 says “Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.” But is the Bible you hold today the word of God? How can we know the word of God when we hear Him? As Christians, we study the Word as well as outside references, and accept that it is truth.   God’s Word is indeed perfect—God breathed, God inspired---but He uses the broken tool that is mankind. Was the Word of God on the lips of an angry Moses any less true?  No.  We may also err, and like Moses we will be held to account for mishandling of His principles and directions, His Word.  We understand that men wrote the Bible and their personalities color the styles and stories of each book, but we also know that each book is well fit to each other and that the words within are the divinely inspired words of God, John 17:17.   We, through experience and obedience, know that the principles woven throughout this Holy Book are foundational to our Christian walk.     Access the sermon notes at   Copyright 2017  All Rights Reserved   


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