Genesis 8:6-14 They That Wait Pastor Clawson 25 January 2015
by cbf
grace care leaf tenderness love God Noah ark raven wait time protection waters flood deluge mountain top family sin salvation freedom help worth ashes cleansing green leaf spoil olive life


Wait, wait I say, on the Lord!  Noah did exactly that and was therefore  the object of God's "strange work of grace".... that work of Jehovah God wherein He reaches out to the sinner, cleanses us from sin, works with us when we will work with Him and brings life out of death... Who would think that the story of the terrific devastation of a worldwide flood would tell of such love and grace?  If there is sin and death, implacable evil, idolatry and pride, it must be removed, even destroyed, before the innocence of life can take hold.  That is what God did... through Noah He reached out to a world that had fully turned its back on Him and on His ways. Implacable evil, idolatrous worship, and the rejection of God's ways will always lead to destruction, but if you see the consequences on the horizon, and return home to Him, He will treat you tenderly, as Noah did with the dove, and bring you back into the ark until such a time as you can fly free to live in the manner you are designed to live... under His grace and care.


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