The Sure Foundation Pastor Billy Robertson
by cbf
sure foundation foundation grow change evil tidings solid rock. Jesus Jesus the Christ Messiah Moses priests kings and priests 2 Tim 2:19 Hebrews God Bible New Testament Old Testament Israel wandering in the wilderness water speak to the rock feast covered covering power strength staying power protection win lose enemy saints storms advocate with the Father Father fortress deliverer Psalm 18 tower citadel secure security provide provider buckler


2 Timothy 2:19 - 21 makes the amazing claim that in this unsettled and often chaotic world, we need not worry, despair, nor fall to its torments and changes, for we have a sure and unchanging foundation, that Rock who is the Cornerstone of our faith.  That Rock!  He followed the children in the wilderness, and is the basis of all that is~ that Rock is Jesus, the Christ, The Savior of the World!  We might be tossed and have times of upheaval, but as long as we stay firmly on the Rock of our Salvation, we will continue to stand.  And, we will have the assurance of a final place with Him, in Heaven.  The Sure Foundation of Jesus Christ is the only foundation on which we can in peace and strength build our lives; all other choices will cause us to be lost to the storms of this life.  


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