Genesis 3:1-7 The Serpent Pastor Clawson 13 April 2014
by cbf
Garden Adam Eve Satan snake tempt temptation Genesis tree of life tempter free will free freedom choose choice sin sins pride prideful God revelation Isaiah Lucifer Son of the Morning Bible Father Creator Jehovah star angel angels throne God`s throne light rebel rebellion chosen consequence consequences death life eternity fall grace Lydia open heart heart faith faithful divine divination soothsayer greed Job Peter trials decide decision obey disobey follow reject know assume true truth honor respect question doubt instigate undermine seduce touch die heaven hell misdirect misdirection confuse confusion mislead Word Word of God implications fear fearful lie lies mortal immortal eternal resist


The Garden was a perfect and peaceful place, but from the beginning the Lord has designed His people to be free to choose for themselves the paths they may take.  Therefore, He allowed them to spend time in the Garden, walking with and learning from Him, and eventually a test was allowed for Adam and Mrs. Adam to make a free choice to trust Him and lean on His training, expectations, and teachings, or to give in to temptations offered by one not a part of their daily lives... Satan and his followers were not led in heaven to commit rebellion, and yet 1/3 of the angels made the choice to follow Satan in making the choice to reject the Lord as their leader.  Now the old tempter, filled with the sin of pride, offers to "lead" God's latest free will creations into further knowledge... and they listened, then made the choice...


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