When God Seemed Distant Pastor Billy Robertson 28 May 2017 A Look At Psalm 13
by cbf
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title: When God Seemed Distant
album: Pastor Billy Robertson
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Psalm 13 is a lament, a cry of the heart to be heard and comforted, and finally a declaration of one man's trust in a holy, sovereign God.  David was going through a dry spell and poured out his heart in this song.  His laments and questions could be our own.  We are not the only ones who wonder where God is when we are hurt or confused or grieving.  David, however, opened his heart and spirit to the witness of God in his life and came to the conclusion that when the enemy puts us on a roller coaster, there is a purpose to the times we feel in the wilderness.   He is using the time when we struggle to prepare us for a particular work He has planned for us. God will not forget or leave us, but He will build us and challenge us to bring us to a place of trust and a place of experience in Him.  Joseph saved a nation, Paul was a voice for the Truth, the Way and the Light, and David was a man after God's own heart, all by learning of His providence and character through the trials and situations the Lord ordained in their lives.  Trust that He will do, and in fact does, the same in your life.   Access the sermon notes at https://docs.google.com/document/d/1AXUHVPPDGVV8OvISxH21TnQXyyGV7KCsBvTjenhunDM/edit?usp=sharing  All rights Reserved   Copyright 2017


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