1 Kings 12:25-33 Jereboam Reigns Pastor Clawson 24 May 2015
by cbf
Jeroboam Rehoboam Israel Judah Valley of Jezreel kingdom split power strength faith fear warfare hill country Palestine farms fortifications Jerusalem House of David prophecy divine divine intervention children of Israel sin temple altar king sacrifice Levites Levitical priesthood throne invade fight rebel rebellion


Rehoboam's actions towards those who had earlier approached him asking him to relieve their burdens caused the split in the once-unified kingdom, causing him to inherit only the two tribes which became the kingdom of Judah.  His father, Solomon, may have been a wise man, but this son was not like his father.  He did not listen to petitions of his people nor did he return to the ways of Jehovah.  Fears tended his path, especially as he continued to turn from the God of his fathers....

Jeroboam, although not a son of Solomon, was now the king of the other kingdom...Israel.  He was farther looking, and spent time fortifying and building up his kingdom, showing a wisdom of the world.   However, he committed the same sins of attitude, rejected God's ways, and established his own priesthood and religious events to keep his people from returning to Jerusalem and Solomon's temple.  It was an effort to keep the kingdoms separate and therefore keep his dynasty in place.  Eventually, he and his paid the price of this apostasy.


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