Type and Shadow ~ The Rumblings of the Past, the Whispers of the Future Deacon/Lay Leader Joshua Justice 16 November 2014
by cbf
future past tapestry character God Genesis communion blood wine Passover sacrifice lamb Lamb of God sacrificial lamb Bible Old Testament New Testament free freedom thread save salvation cross nature nature of God Father Jesus


The Scripture is full of suggestions and shadows and clues and threads...a tapestry of colors and times and nations and people... all pointing to one unified story of the nature of God and of His love and mercy towards His creation and the people that follow Him.  In this, perhaps the first of a series, Deacon Josh explores the thread of mercy shown in every church via the sacred act of communion.  From Genesis to Revelation, the tapestry of the nature of God is shown through many similar and sacred acts.  The more we know of Him, the more we will understand the rumblings of the past and discern the whispers of the future.


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