Genesis 2:18- 25 The Woman Pastor Clawson
by cbf
righteous righteousness Genesis Eve Adam woman man creation wife sixth day formed ground made Old Testament New Testament shadow foreshadow Jesus Bride of Christ rib animals naming the animals Eden


The first four sermons discuss the initial days of Creation... the earth, the garden, Adam on Day Three,  the lights in the heavens on Day Four, land animals, fish and fowl on Days Five and Six.  Now we come to God's work at finishing His creation, and the final piece is the partner Adam will need to subdue and populate the earth, the creation destined to be his partner and formed from his side, showing a direct connection of one flesh.  This is unlike all the other living things, formed of the earth or the sea.  The woman is absolutely part of Adam ~ a creation meet, or worthy and fulfilling, to stand beside Adam, equal in dominion over the earth, and fully able to be his help in bringing God's plan to fruit on the earth.  


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