Vernon Interviews Ed Whitfield, Managing Director of the Fund for Democratic Communities
44 months ago by Vernon_Oakes
Vernon Oakes Ed Whitfield Fund for Democratic Communities F4DC Everything Co-op


Vernon and Ed discuss the democratization of wealth, how cooperatives are used to enhance communities and development, and democratic ownership. 

Ed Whitfield is co-founder and co-managing director of the Fund for Democratic Communities (F4DC). A long time social justice activist, Ed had been involved in labor, community organizing and peace work since the late 60's when he was a student activist at Cornell University. He was the chairman of the Greensboro Redevelopment Commission for 9 years and formerly board chairman of Greensboro's Triad Minority Development Corporation. He is currently helping to provide technical assistance to a group of people living in an urban food desert struggling to develop a community owned cooperative grocery store.


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