Living Water, A Pentecost Sermon Pastor Charles P. Clawson 15 May 2016 correct
by cbf
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artist: Pastor Charles P. Clawson
title: Living Water, A Pentecost Sermon
album: Pastor Charles P. Clawson
year: 2016   May 15
genre: Sermon (id None)
Power, authority, responsibility, new life...On that first Pentecost, the upper room of a home somewhere in Jerusalem was filled with believers, scared but faithful.  Their Lord had told them to wait and watch, and He would send a Comforter.  They'd seen Him on the cross, they'd seen the empty tomb, some had seen Him visit them and let Thomas touch His wounds.  Finally, they'd seen Him ascend into the heavens with a cloud of witnesses.  Now they were together, praying with one focus gathered in one place... the Upper Room.  And the Comforter came~in power, in flames of fire, in boldness and in authority.  Each member of that little group now became a bold and unafraid witness to the truth of Jesus the Messiah.  They spread the good news of His atoning work and His promises to take believers home with Him while making life on this earth truly worth living.  They became His ambassadors, and each had power and authority, boldness and responsibility, and the badge of ownership from the Father Himself.  That same power, authority, and boldness is ours today...we but need to give all to the Risen Savior, follow His directions, be baptised into His family and thereby take His name, and ask for the infilling of the Holy Ghost.  It is real, and it is for today.... Living Water, the promises from the King of the Universe that still can be yours. 
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